Bristol's Construction Management Approach

Preconstruction Phase

The greatest opportunity to drive a project to success comes in the preconstruction phase.  Our value to the client and the team comes from our “lessons learned” and our construction management systems to collect and manage information.

A comprehensive preconstruction process includes three critical elements: 

  • identification of objectives
  • assessment of risk
  • implementation of appropriate tools to mitigate these risks

Cost and schedule are always of primary concern. The good news is that early planning and identification of construction challenges and opportunities create additional certainty and security for the budget and schedule. Active participation by Bristol’s owners and senior staff from day one creates lasting benefits throughout the project.

We thoroughly evaluate a number of factors during the preconstruction phase, and can provide the following expertise:

Design Assist


Constructability Analysis

Value Analysis

Bid Packaging

Schedule Development

Staging and Laydown Analysis

Construction Buyout

Construction Phase Sequencing

Subcontractor Prequalification

Bid Package Planning 

Real-Time Cost Feedback

Building Information Modeling

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Cost Estimating

Construction Phase

Construction is the orchestration of individuals and organizations around common project goals. At Bristol we have a history of creating that orchestrated team atmosphere with all project stakeholders including the owner, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers to achieve quality and on-time completion for the benefit of everyone on the team.

Quality Assurance

Construction Scheduling

Construction Supervision

Insurance Administration

Bid Award and Procurement

Contract Payment Administration

Cost Control

Document Control

Management Reporting

Coordinating Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Commissioning, Start-up

Owner Move-in Planning and Management

Project Close-Out

Warranty Management

Expertise and Innovation

In addition to our general construction and construction management services, Bristol’s precast concrete operation has driven our innovation of new products and continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes. Problems are sought out and identified, fixes are devised and implemented, quality is improved and costs are lowered.

This improvement process has become a part of our culture in our construction operation as well. Our project managers and site superintendents actively work together to improve our management systems and document the changes for accountability.

Our confidence to commit and deliver a promised outcome stems from our expertise gained from self-performed work. Over the years we have developed the personnel and invested in management systems and capital equipment to self-perform site preparation, site utilities, and concrete work, including tilt-up and precast, steel fabrication and equipment installation with our own crews. Whether self-performing portions of the project or serving in a straight management role, Bristol’s in-house construction capabilities set us apart.

Lean Construction

Since 2000, Bristol Group has been integrating lean approaches to our construction projects. Early on, efficient panelized systems that cut jobsite waste and shortened the schedule were embraced. Machine control systems that improved accuracy, reduced waste and improved quality were incorporated into our site preparation and concrete equipment. Today, Bristol remains committed to continuous improvement and understands that our customers want to add value and eliminate waste.

Sustainable Construction

With LEED accredited staff, Bristol recognizes the commitment needed to deliver a successful sustainable project. Bristol recognizes a balance between the costs of sustainable construction and the immediate and long-term operational pay backs. Cost and benefit analysis are available to aid in sustainable goal-setting for your project. 

Keeping Everyone Safe

Continually changing jobsite conditions present challenges that are seldom experienced in other industries. Our commitment to training and active management of project safety is reflected in our record. Protecting our workers, our customers, partners, and the general public is of utmost importance to Bristol Group.

Municipal / Heavy Construction

municipal-heavy 570

Building and Improving Infrastructure

Bristol Group’s varied experience and resources have led to a number of opportunities in municipal and heavy construction. Our engineers, project managers, and field supervisors have significant experience building public infrastructure. The same Bristol systems that ensure efficiency and quality for private clients translate directly into successful municipal projects. 

From a 50-acre landfill closure in South Carolina to a wastewater treatment plant in Eastern Kentucky, Bristol tackles large, complicated projects – bringing together strong project management, the appropriate labor and equipment, qualified partners, and uncompromising quality systems.

Industrial Construction


Understanding your operations and listening to your needs

With decades of proven experience in industrial building construction, including microelectronic cleanroom construction, Bristol Group serves a diverse mix of industrial  manufacturing clients.  From comprehensive, value-added preconstruction services to conceptual estimating, from scheduling to project closeout, Bristol uses sophisticated construction management systems to control every aspect of your project. These tools ensure that key project team members spend less time completing paperwork and more time on the job, contributing to a quality project that exceeds your expectations.

Clients call us when they have a need:

  • “I have a new production line arriving in 6 months”
  • “We just secured new automotive parts business, and need more warehouse space”
  • “How much manufacturing space will fit on our existing property?”
  • “We want to convert space to a new use”
  • “We are closing a facility in another state, and bringing the business here – we need more room”
  • “I need a design/build proposal from Bristol for a…
      • Cafeteria
      • Clean room
      • Compressor room
      • Training center
      • Administrative office addition
      • Warehouse addition
      • Press pit
      • Scrap tunnel
      • Manufacturing bay addition

Since 1997, Bristol Group has been industry's choice for succeeding with the toughest construction challenges.  When the issues are complex, the schedule tight and the risk substantial, you need an industrial contractor with a proven track record of getting things done right, on time, and on budget. 

Structural / Architectural Precast


Precast: The future of concrete. 

When speed is critical to your project, precast delivers unique early-start advantages. Whether that speed needs to be applied to a sophisticated commercial building or an industrial warehouse facility, we have something to talk about. Combining low initial building cost and decades of low maintenance and operating expense, precast is a high performance building system that benefits both the structure’s owner and the tenants or end-users.

Bristol Group embraces precast structural and architectural concrete systems to meet these demands, and produces a variety of components in its PCI certified manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

Learn more about precast concrete.

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LEED / Sustainable Construction

GreenBuildingCouncil 570

Clean and green.

Bristol Group is building a growing number of LEED certified sustainable buildings through its use of precast concrete systems. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an independent, third-party certification offered by the U.S. Green Building Council. A LEED certification verifies that a building, home or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

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