Bees Ferry Landfill Closure


This project involved the closure of a 50-acre municipal landfill cell.

Project Specs
Building Type and Size: Municipal Landfill, 50 acres
Location: Charleston, SC
Owner/Client: County of Charleston
Construction Cost: $6M-$7M
Delivery Method: Plan/Spec. Competitive Bid
Schedule: Fast Track, 6 Months
Completion: ?


The existing cover material was graded prior to placement of a 1.5 foot clay cap. An additional 1 foot of cover soil was placed to protect the clay and support vegetation. The Owner faced an impending closure deadline from state regulatory agencies, requiring an aggressive project schedule.

Off-site materials were hauled at a rate exceeding 200 triaxle loads per day to keep the project on track. This successful project proved Bristol’s site work capabilities on a remote site which presented both technical and operational challenges.