Todds Plaza

ToddsPlaza645 580

Conceived and designed to provide an urban look, this building was constructed on a high traffic connector road in a growing suburban area.

Project Specs
Building Type and Size: Office Building, 16,000 sq.ft.
Location: Lexington, KY
Owner/Client: Rouse Companies, LLC
Construction Cost: $857,945
Delivery Method: Design/Build
Schedule: Fast Track, 5 Months; Design and Construction
Completion: 2005


To maximize a small lot, the building was constructed within four feet of the roof overhang of an existing building. Various architectural treatments were added to the tilt-up concrete walls to provide additional articulation and variety. A “dry-stacked” synthetic stone was added to soften the face of the building while serving to distinguish the various retail and office entrances.

The tilt-up panels, cast on both the floor slab and remote casting beds were designed to include integral legs, or concrete returns. These panels give the building its distinct appearance as well as create shadow lines and add contrast to the front of the façade.