Hitachi (Tokico) Administrative Office Building and Research & Development Laboratory

Tokico began its Berea operations in 1987 and quickly grew to be one of the largest employers in Madison County. Despite the addition of a second on-site facility and nearly a half dozen expansions, the Tokico administrative staff was still confined to its original office space.

Bristol Group was chosen to construct a multi-use office and research facility with a “modern” look that blended with the existing structures. The design and construction team was charged with consolidating the executive, purchasing, accounting and general affairs offices under one roof in a productive and motivating environment.

Flooding natural light via the large exterior windows, an open floor plan and decorative lighting combined with state of the art technology helped create this inviting and useful building. Tokico has been defined by continued growth. This building will serve and encourage that growth for decades to come. 

Tokico Admin 0004   Tokico Admin 0015

Project Specs
Building Type and Size: Administrative Office/R&D Facility
Location: Berea, KY
Owner/Client: Tokico (USA), Inc.
Construction Cost: $1,000,000 - $5,000,000
Delivery Method: Design/Build
Schedule: Fast Track, 5 Months; Design and Construction