Military Entrance Processing Station

MEPS 1 05-05-08 1859

North Carolina-based developer JDL Castle Corporation engaged Bristol Group to provide construction management and contracting services on this 25,400 square foot building in Cleveland, Ohio. The single story structure incorporates structural load bearing concrete panels, form liner and lightweight concrete cornice elements fabricated in-house by Bristol and shipped to Cleveland for erection by our crews on site. The project was completed fast-track in a little less than 9 months.

Project Specs
Building Type and Size: Government Office, 25,400 square feet
Location: Cleveland, OH
Owner/Client: GSA/JDL Castle Corporation
Construction Cost: $1,000,000 - $5,000,000
Delivery Method: Design/Build
Schedule: Fast Track, 10 Months; Design and Construction
Completion: 2008


MEPS 100 0800

MEPS 100 0805