Construction Management

USAO-Lex--010 610

Managed for success.

Based on integrity and openness, Bristol has built partnerships with owners, design professionals and facility managers to create success from our beginning. Along with building a comfortable and professional relationship, the early involvement of Bristol as a construction manager lowers risks throughout the project cycle. Designs are optimized and economic efficiency is achieved. Building systems are studied and recommended considering aesthetics, constructability, performance and long term operational cost. Accurate budgets are developed, managed and updated to eliminate surprises. Schedules are developed with the input of respected trade contractors and used to drive accountability. Fair bidding and negotiating practices encourage quality subcontractor participation, further extending the collaboration process.

For clients, our approach has created a construction management model that brings them creative solutions, helping their businesses succeed. Rigorous project management and tight fiscal responsibility delivers their projects on schedule and on budget without sacrificing quality.

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