Site Selection


Where should it go?

Selecting an appropriate location for your business is vital to its success. A decision of this importance requires an organized, methodical approach to evaluating alternatives. Bristol Group provides comprehensive site selection and evaluation services, including:

  • Analyzing current and projected space requirements – What do you need?
  • Establishing locational criteria – What factors are the important to your business?
  • Identifying available properties – What’s out there? (both actively marketed and under the radar)
  • Screening sites – What 3 to 5 properties warrant a more complete analysis?
  • Constructing a matrix comparison model – How do the sites measure up in an objective evaluation?
  • Generating site-specific preliminary budgets – What are the cost differences in developing the sites? (proximity of utilities, suitability of soils, depth to rock, volume of earth cuts/fills)

Seeing the difference between a great site and a mediocre one – between a good business decision and a bad one – results from proven processes driven by the experienced professionals at Bristol Group.