Precast Concrete


When speed is critical to your dry-in, precast delivers unique early-start advantages.  Whether that speed needs to be applied to a sophisticated commercial building or an industrial warehouse facility, we have something to talk about. Combining low initial building cost and decades of low maintenance and operating expense, precast is a high performance building system that benefits both the structure’s owner and the tenants or end-users.

Bristol Group embraces precast structural and architectural concrete systems to meet these demands, and produces a variety of components in its PCI-certified manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

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PCI Certification is recognized as the leading quality-assurance program in the construction industry.  From start to finish, PCI certifies the process of manufacturing and erecting precast and prestressed concrete components. This certification of plants, personnel, and product erection provides strong that components will be manufactured to the most stringent industry standards.


Precast / prestressed concrete brings many benefits to the table:

Speed of construction - precast components are produced in the plant while grading and foundations are in progress. These components are cast indoors and erected year-round, with few weather delays.

  • Aesthetics – precast panels can be produced with a variety of textures, colors, and finishes, including real brick material cast into the panel. Form liners allow for a wide range of appearances from stone to lettering and even an organization’s logo. From an urban exposed concrete loft appearance to finely textured and colored surfaces to brick, precast concrete can be the solution.
  • Structural design flexibility – the long-span capabilities created by high-tensile prestressed tendons allow structural components to provide open flexible spaces.
  • Durability – high strength concrete ages gracefully without distress - resisting wind, impact and fire.
  • Energy efficiency – combining high strength concrete with high performance insulation systems yields superb thermal mass performance. The operating cost savings and enhanced user comfort provide great peace of mind to the building owners, even as energy costs rise.
  • Clean site – components are erected at the jobsite directly from delivery trucks. This eliminates jobsite lay down areas, jobsite congestion and jobsite cleaning with harsh chemicals. A cleaner jobsite helps meet EPA regulations and makes for happier neighbors.

Bristol Group has used precast systems to meet a variety of quality and time sensitive challenges. From civil projects requiring a fast response such as segmented holding tanks and highway sound barrier walls, to mid-rise Marriott and Hyatt hotels, Bristol Group’s in-house precast engineering capability has saved the day when speed and quality counted. Take a look at our precast construction projects to see how these systems could work for you.