Response Ability: 'No place to hide'

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Through the design-build process, projects like the Hyatt Place, a six-story hotel in Lexington, KY, can be completed in an economical and timely fashion using the expertise of an in-house design, construction and engineering team. Bristol Group also utilized a precast concrete system that provided faster delivery cycles and quicker returns.

If you're deeply engaged in a construction process and your goals and deadlines are not being met, ask yourself a few key questions.

1. Are you spending too much time getting your contractor to listen to your requirements and respond with a complete proposal?

2. Do you miss the committed involvement of the owners, principals and seasoned leaders on your projects?

3. Are you having a difficult time confirming scope is fully covered in the proposal without hearing, "I think so" or "Let me check" to every other question?

4. Are you worried the things your designer or contractor missed will be yours to pay for after your capital budget has been fixed or financing is arranged?

5. Are you worried about your reputation being damaged when the project goes over budget or drags on longer than you were promised?

6. Are they missing the fact that you have a plant to operate or a project to develop and complete?

7. Are you working too hard for someone you will be sending a check every month?

If your answer to some or most of these questions is "yes," you may be missing real Response Ability. 

Response Ability is the powerful, problem-solving ability inherent with design-build delivery. An integrated team of construction and design professionals, along with the facility owner, who have aligned interests and mutual respect are powerful allies in this process. 

A true team, given the responsibility for project outcomes, will size up its own members, work on problems together and commit to success. The discipline is internal. In other words, there's no place to hide.

Building a team with pre-existing relationships that are successful and solid is the most effective form of risk management. Yes, the design-build team — a single entity — takes the risk, a risk that is easily managed by the degree of control that team can exercise.

Throughout our 25 years of industrial and commercial design-build experience, Bristol Group has seen remarkably predictable results in identifying problems and reducing hazards for clients as well as the contractor.  Every project will have problems, but success is defined by our ability to identify and solve those problems predictably. We have to be consistently good at it.

In the role of design-builder, we know how to listen and systematically probe to understand your facility’s interaction with customers, tenants, staffs and ongoing operations. Our team’s drive to gain this understanding will ensure that you maintain your reputation, move in on time or early, and experience a smoothly operating, energy efficient facility.

Experience true Response Ability with Bristol Group. Contact us today to learn more about our philosophy and how it fits your project needs.