Track record of fast-track projects

Fairfield 002 580

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott is a 114-room mid-rise hotel created for Marriott's business traveler, and is a signature fast-track project for Bristol Group. Designing an economic, yet structurally superior precast system, Bristol Group completed this 65,000-square-foot facility in 12 months.

It’s a well-known and uncomfortable spot — the one between a rock and a hard place. Unfortunately, project owners who choose traditional construction often find themselves stuck there.

Their project was designed over budget, and now it sits in rebidding purgatory as the deadline for completion quickly approaches. Delays and rising costs create tension between the owner, contractor and design team, and risk significantly increases — with the project owner not knowing who will claim responsibility.

It’s a bad situation. But the good news is that there’s another alternative. The design-build method of project delivery alleviates many of these problems and puts facilities on the fast track to completion.

Consider the traditional method, where each element of the process is dependent on the other. Bidding can’t begin until design is complete, and construction can’t begin until the final price has been determined. The design-build fast-track approach shortens the time in which an owner can know for certain what the project is going to cost, allowing construction to begin during the design process and completion to occur earlier than anticipated.

Bristol Group achieves this fast-track success through its integrated and experienced design-build team. All of our players communicate and collaborate about a project from the beginning, reducing owner risk and delivering state-of-the-art building systems on budget and on time.