Precast and Prestressed

Building during the design phase of a construction project has never been easier — or more efficient.

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Though construction was held-up on site in building the U.S. Attorney's Office in Louisville, Bristol Group was able to keep the project on track by building precast concrete elements at its Lexington plant.

Though relatively new in the United States, precast concrete is quickly revolutionizing the fast-track design-build construction process. Precast increases speed of construction, while providing high quality, design and aesthetic flexibility, durability and energy efficiency.

The Bristol Group leveraged these benefits with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Louisville, a five-story design-build office project.

When building electricity infrastructure held up progress on site, it didn’t affect construction progress. Bristol Group was still on task, building precast columns, beams and prestressed walls in its Lexington, Ky., precast facility. Bristol Group was able to keep the project on schedule despite delays outside the team’s control.

Precast concrete is concrete reinforced with conventional reinforcing bars, strands with high tensile strength, or a combination of both. The force created by pretensioned strands — which are cut after the concrete cures — increases load-carrying capacity and helps control cracking.

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