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Bristol Precast in Charlestown, Indiana, is among the newest and best-engineered precast concrete facilities in the world. Our investment in world-class equipment, our uncompromising standards of excellence, and the performance of our skilled and proven team make Bristol Precast simply the best in the business. You can count on it.

Bristol's Precast Manufacturing Facility

About Bristol Precast

For the highest quality precast wall panels and other precast concrete products, there is nothing like Bristol Precast. In our new PCI-certified facility with cutting-edge technology and an all-star team, we produce the highest quality concrete panels for timely delivery to your job site. Bristol’s prestressed precast panels are superior for their durability, offer substantial labor savings and are assembled on-site much faster than conventional construction methods. You’ll soon see how Bristol Precast is an integral reason we consistently deliver our projects on time and on budget — we reduce the risks caused by weather delays and constantly increasing labor shortages. Rigorous engineering of every individual structural member translates into assembly on the job site free of costly errors. Off-site construction enables Bristol Group to build even in inclement weather with one third of the labor force of conventional construction.

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is concrete reinforced with conventional reinforcing bars, strands with high tensile strength, or a combination of the two. The strands are pretensioned in the form before the concrete is poured. After the concrete cures, the strands are then cut and the concrete removed from the form. As the strands attempt to regain their original length, they bond to the concrete and create a compressive force that increases load-carrying capacity and helps control cracking. Once the components are removed from their forms, they are transported directly to the building site.

Why Use Bristol Precast?

Speed of Construction

Precast components are produced in the plant while grading and foundations are in progress. These components are cast indoors and erected year-round, with few weather delays.

Aesthetic Appeal

Precast panels can be produced with a variety of textures, colors, and finishes, including real brick material cast into the panel. Form liners allow for a wide range of appearances from stone to lettering, and even logos.

Structural Design Flexibility

The long-span capabilities created by high-tensile prestressed tendons allow structural components to provide open flexible designs.

Durability Over Time

High strength concrete ages gracefully without distress, resisting damage from wind, fire and impact, meaning your building is prepared to stand the test of time.

High Efficiency

Combining high strength concrete with high performance insulation systems yields superb thermal mass performance. The operating cost savings and enhanced user comfort make precast concrete walls the superior solution for your building project.

Clean Site

Utilizing precast eliminates jobsite lay down areas, minimizes congestion, and reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. A cleaner jobsite keeps environmental regulators satisfied, makes neighbors happy, and provides greater peace of mind to building owners.

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