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Off-Site Construction: Simplified Solutions and Less Risk for Urban Vertical Projects

Executive Summary

Webb Companies, developer of the City Center project in the heart of downtown Lexington, Kentucky, had faced multiple obstacles that delayed the high-visibility project for several years. Once project financing was approved and tenants secured, the developers intended to partner with a large national construction firm to use conventional building methods, including cast-in-place concrete, to construct the Marriott and Residence Inn Hotels that anchor the development. When it became clear that this approach would not meet the project deadlines, Webb Companies sought other options. Bristol Group studied the project, which included a pre-existing parking garage foundation, and offered an alternate solution for moving the project forward. Time was of the essence and public expectations were high.

The project confronted several serious challenges, including a design cycle slowed by changing design standards. Marriott Hotels had recently upgraded their design standards, requiring substantial architectural redesign of the City Center project. While the architectural design was being revised, Webb Companies knew they needed to find an alternative construction method that would allow the project to get started and stay on schedule.

These design changes were coupled with the risks inherent to a conventional construction approach, creating substantial uncertainty in the project budget and construction schedule. Conventional construction methods are subject to weather delays, increasing risk for project owners. The critical labor shortage facing all companies in the construction sector further increased project risk.

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