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Keep the Business Running: Manufacturing Expansions that Don’t Interfere with Existing Operations

Executive Summary

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Inc. (HAS) sought a construction partner for green-field expansion projects to augment their manufacturing footprint in Kentucky and Georgia. With facilities in multiple locations within Kentucky and other states, Hitachi sought a partner with automotive industry experience, the capacity to accomplish major industrial construction without intefereing in ongoing production, and the flexibility to work in several geographic areas. Bristol Group responded with exemplary services, resulting in the establishment of one of Bristol Group’s longest client relationships.

In one of Bristol Group’s several projects for Hitachi Automotive Systems, the client sought to connect their north and south plants at points located in the area of their shipping and receiving operations. It was imperative that these operations were uninterrupted during construction. HAS executives specifically inquired how Bristol Group would manage construction while allowing critical operations to continue. Bristol Group was able to reference another recent job performed for another automotive industry supplier, and this experience provided the necessary assurance to HAS leadership that Bristol Group was up to the challenge. One significant complicating factor was substantial rock excavation that had to be accomplished without interruption to existing operations.

Bristol Group’s exemplary project management expertise enabled the company to sequence construction activities in a manner that allowed it to complete certain sections of the new facility and turn them over to Hitachi to commence operations. To accomplish the rock excavation, Bristol Group drilled, blasted and crushed the rock, utilizing it under building slabs and paved areas. This solution minimized waste from the construction zone, and produced significant cost savings for the client.

Demolition of the old facility was delayed, including an air compressor room in the construction zone that served all buildings. Bristol Group had to relocate electrical feeds to both plants and construct new dock positions to remove existing shipping and receiving docks so that shipping and receiving could remain in operation. Bristol Group also constructed a three-hour precast concrete fire wall between one of the existing plants and part of the new buildings. This complex project was completed on time, on budget and with minimal impact on critical manufacturing operations.

Bristol Group’s work for Hitachi Automotive Systems clearly demonstrates Bristol’s ability to quickly complete design processes and complicated projects. Bristol Group’s self-performance of site work tasks, cast-in-place concrete work and tilt-up construction enabled it to overcome the constraints presented by starting late in the construction season. Fast mobilization by Bristol Group beat winter weather conditions, and produced a completed project on schedule and on budget.

Bristol Group’s solution allowed Hitachi Automotive Systems to completely modify and substantially improve their process flow. New equipment and new process flow enabled by new facilities allowed Hitachi to capture new efficiencies with minimal impact on manufacturing operations during construction. This project strengthened HAS confidence in Bristol Group, and has resulted in several other projects between the two companies.

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