UK Healthcare Surgery Center (Building)

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Design-Build, Precast Supplier, Self-Perform Earthwork

Project Overview

LEXINGTON, KY. Switzer Development has a long history with Bristol Group. When one of its major tenants, University of Kentucky Healthcare, needed a new surgery center on the campus of a former shopping mall, Switzer again turned to Bristol Group for its vertically-integrated approach. In a remarkable case study on adaptive reuse, Bristol Group had a few years earlier converted a former department store into a state-of-the art healthcare facility on the campus. Bristol Group’s design-manufacture-build method helped to repurpose a closed shopping mall into an economic development engine for the area. Switzer Development knew it could count on Bristol Group to provide the same innovative solution for the new surgery center. The results speak for themselves, as Bristol Group provided a design-manufacture-build solution for a 20,000 SF building that meets the client’s functional requirements and does so in with an innovative architectural design. Bristol Group did it all on an extraordinarily tight schedule that allowed the tenant to meet its demanding requirements from previously scheduled surgeries.

A fast-track approach as needed to ensure design and construction could be completed on a tight schedule despite slow permitting approvals and a booming construction industry. UK Healthcare hired Bristol Group for the site work and structural shell package to work alongside the fit-up contractor to meet the owners tough timeline.

Bristol Group designed the building in record time allowing permit drawings to be submitted well ahead of schedule and initiated an early construction start. Through careful planning, Bristol Group was able to reduce the standard construction duration by two months largely aided by the use of precast wall panels that could be fabricated in advance. Unsuitable soil had the potential to push the schedule, but Bristol Group’s experienced team developed a methodical approach to reduce cost and time for mitigation.

Because of Bristol Group’s approach and speed of construction, the client’s tenant was able to move into the new location and continue operations without delay. Due to the nature of the tenants line of work, this was critical – no surgeries were missed.

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